Carry the history in your denim

The spring drop from Levi's Vintage Clothing contains three new decade styles of the Levi's 501 jean, starting with 1927 followed by 1944 and ends with 1954. Going through the little book about Levi's 501 that comes with the 1954's is like gettin a small history lesson wrapped in denim. All from the late twenties when people started to wear belts instead of suspenders and causing Levi's to stop putting the chinch at the back of their jeans. Going in to the World War Two wich forced the American people to save up on materials that could be used in war factorys. Levi's did what they could to help and got the 501 a more slimmed fit. Cuttin down on the rivets and even stopped stitching the back pockets and instead drawed the stitches on them.
In 1954 stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean wore denim each and every day. The 501 became even more slim fit and for the first time a zip fly was used.

That's all Folk

First came the shoes from Folks sister label Shofolk. Now we even carry their Folk Clothing. Well made knits such as cardigans with drawstrings. A half button pullover that Folk themselves calls "Nearly Cardigan". Shirts with mandarin collars. Accessories such as woven belts and wallets. Stop by the store or check out the webshop for a closer look at details and stuff!

Your fathers clothes

The spring/summer '09 collection from Our Legacy goes by the name of A sundried youth. Focusing on clothes that has a great history and brings back memories from happy times. Our Legacy captures the feeling of looking through your fathers wardrobe and getting hold of that clothing herritage that always been around in one way or another. Highlights in this collection are amongst others the proper collar knit in an updated version, the reversed college sweater, a round collar knit, the cable knit navy blue sweater and the jeans in two washes.


Supermarket Mixes-link now up!

We´ve just put up our Supermarket Mixes-link on the website (http://super-market.se/mixes.aspx) where we will archive all out Supermarket Mixes made by interesting DJ´s and artists all around the globe, exclusively made for Supermarket. Enjoy the music, we sure do!


Next supermarket-mix will be done by the great Jean Michelle Jarre?


More vintage

This just in. A pair of Lee jeans from the 60's really good condition. And a white Lee denim jacket.


Supermarket Mix vol. 2!

We continue our mix series with our favorite peoples. This time it´s the legendary disco-viking Rune Lindbaek from Tromsø, Norway. Rune has been around the scene for many many years and released tons of records, edits and remixes. He has done collaborations with Lindstrøm, Idjut Boys and many more. This man shure knows his way. The mix he made exclusively for Supermarket and is filled with Runes own magical edits and more. According to Rune it´s a Gothenburg-influenced mix. Download here.

Danish spring-invasion from Wood Wood...

Shorts this time of the year? Man, it´s freezing cold out here in Andra Långgatan! Don´t know about the danish, but in Sweden we don´t flash our pale legs in February... Still though, the first delivery from Spring 2009 Wood Wood collection is nothing but awesome with super-clean and perfectly fitted chinos and shorts, work-style denim shirts and pants, knitted Pippi-influenced shirts and more. Attention to detailing has that scandinavian thorough touch to it that we like so much at Supermarket, labels, seams, colors. We are shooting the collection right now in our photo studio, meaning it will hit our store and webshop later this week. Here are some previews...

Shofolk Spring 2009 @ Supermarket...

We are proud to introduce these fine pieces from british footwear brand Shofolk. Shofolk is since 2004 the sister label from the good peoples at Folk Clothing, that we also are awaiting goods from this spring... All shoes are handcrafted in Portugal and made from raw leathers for outstanding comfort. Online any day now, we just need to shoot some proper images first. Here are some previews from our basement that we shot this morning...