Happy New Year!

Supermarket wishes everyone a Happy New Year!
The store is open to 3.00 pm today. Stop by for a fresh new years eve look.


Supermarket mix volume 1 by Mike Simonetti from Italians Do It Better...

We´ll continuously launch exclusive new mixes from interesting DJ´s, artists, or just good friends from all around the globe. First out is Mike Simonetti, who runs the infamous Italians Do It Better, home of artists like Glass Candy, Chromatics, Invisible Conga People and Supermarket-Anton´s Tiedye. Mike is a proper punkrocker and he deejays just like that! Italians mix rough! Download it here!

Get on the bandwagon!

Yes we got a group too, and Facebook is the new internet...? Join our group...


Berlin aka Das Große Schnitzel!

Winter didnt arrive to Berlin either! Having a good dinner with Kaos, Headman and Robbin at this new amazing japanese spot at Torstraße. Playing Scala tonite. Start at 5am. Insane...


We´re online!

Our webshop www.super-market.se is finally online! Make sure to check out our slick online-store for your (x-mas?-) needs!

We had some night time activity last night. Someone smashed the window and got away with loads of stuff. I can´t describe how annoying this feels...

I´m of to Berlin tomorrow again, psyched to play the Broken Hearts Club thursday and Scala this saturday (20th).




Our last vintage-selection flew out the window in only a few days time, and we are now very happy putting our hands on a lot more goodies:

A whole bunch of shirts. A lot of Ralph Lauren and gritty old denim-shirts from Wrangler and Levi´s...

Two nice trench coats from Burberry:

Button down leatherjacket from the seventies.

Western style suede jacket. No words needed.

Loads of shirts frpm Ralph Lauren, Levi´s, Wrangler...

Levi´s Red leather jacket. Mint condition. Deadstock since many years. Only a few ever produced. When new it was €1200 we were told. Our price is €500 (4999 SEK).

Denim version of the same jacket. Mint condition. Our price €249 (2499 SEK).

Warm thick knitted cardigan, probably hand made since there are no tags at all.

The vintage line-up!


Andra Juldagen, lördag 13:e december

Lördagen den 13:e december firar vi på Andra långgatan inte bara Lucia utan även vår egen Andra Juldagen. Gatan kommer ha julmarknader, loppisar, Dj's, pepparkakor och glögg. Vi kör igång vid kl. 11.00. Välkomna!


Stressfull times!

Had a great time djing with Mike Simonetti last night. Mike is doing the first of the Supermarket-mixes that will be launched on super-market.se very soon. We will have a new exclusive mix comming up every month from talents and Supermarket-friends all over the world.


Party Hardy!

This weekend im doing my monthly gig at Scala in Berlin. This time im there on the friday for an extra spinn with Cosmo at the BHC-Gallery. Berlin watch out!


This weekend Stockholm is not as cold as usual!


First post.

Soundtrack of the day:

ps. Now it´s done, firt post and first youtube-clip on the blog. Promise i won´t do none of the two again.ds


SUPERMARKET den 10 november 2008...



Supermarket den 22 oktober 2008...